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SEI Photos is an Event and Entertainment Photography Services Company.

We specialize in creating an interactive and engaging experience for your attendees. The highest quality printed photographs are created as they are taken during events for guests to take with them in a matter of seconds.

Social Media allows the exposure of potentially thousands of impressions showcasing your events and brands once guests interact and share their event images. Photo files can be uploaded to a private web gallery immediately as the photos are taken allowing guests to access and share the images during an event or show.

It's a WOW idea for clients that want more than just a photographer to roam around and catch guests eating meatballs! (There's nothing wrong with meatballs!)

Why invest in Photography if your guests never see or get the photos? Sure, most people have a smart phone but you can’t do this with a phone! Our interactive photo web hosting site allows guests to download images, upload to their personal social networking sites and share photos with family and NO cost and during your event if you like.

Passwords are an option for any event or gallery. If your event gallery is hosted on our site and has a password, you should already have it. Contact us if you need help.


It’s much more than just's about guests interacting with each other and making your events even better with a tangible memory that everyone loves – a printed photo.

It's about making people smile and remembering the event experience.

It's about creating a customized, branded and relevant image that supports your company, your brands and customers. Remember the 20th Century concept of "ROI" (Return on Investment)? What's a better return on your investment than a personal and branded reminder taking up valuable real estate in someone's home or office? Bet you have a photo nearby!


Give us a call, 732.747.2566 or email,, and let us show you how you can enhance your parties, events, trade shows or incentive travel programs. We are located conveniently to many Northeast area locations and an airport away from any destination worldwide.


● On-site printing on the fastest lab-quality printers.

● Customized "Green Screen" imaging highlighting your company, your event theme or your brands.

● Interaction, engagement and a fun non-stop element during any event or party.

● The personal trade show give-a-way. Draw guests into your space and connect!

● Celebrity Appearance Photo Ops - What could be better than a personal photo of your guests to take with them? Immediate and personal connections.

● Incentive Travel - We capture the entire program with on-site printing options.  The photos are also on-line for guests to enjoy during and after the program, too. A great way to promote your future travel programs with no additional expense.

● Award Ceremonies - Your award winners’ special moment is captured and printed.

● Head Shots for your attendees to use for professional and company needs.

● School Class and Individual Student Photos (local area only)

● Web hosting for your photos on this site at NO cost.

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