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SEI Photos is a Corporate Event and Entertainment Photography Services Company specializing in showcasing your brands, your company, your consumers and guests. We create the highest quality printed photographs immediately on-site during events for guests to take with them. Social Media allows the exposure of potentially thousands of impressions showcasing your events and brands once guests interact and share their event images. It's a WOW idea for clients that want more than just a photographer to roam around and catch guests eating meatballs! (We love meatballs!)

Our interactive photo web hosting site allows guests to download images, upload to their personal social networking sites, share photos and email them to NO cost. Passwords are also an option for any event or gallery. If your event gallery has a password, you should already have it. Contact us if you need help.


It's not Rocket Science and it's much more than just's about interacting with guests and making your events even better with a tangible memory that everyone loves. If you have read this far you get it! Just look at your own social networking sites or around your home and office.....people keep and share great photos of friends and family! If you like what you see here you will love what we can do for you! It's about making people smile and remembering the experience. Remember "ROI"? What's a better return on your investment than a personal and branded reminder taking up valuable real estate in someone's home or office?

For all of the Event Marketing companies that want to help clients build stronger relationships with their Customers, Consumers and Brands, this is it! That's our sales pitch.

Give us a call, 732-747-2566 or email,, and let us show you how you can enhance your event, trade show or incentive travel program. We are located conveniently to many Northeast area locations and an airport away from any destination worldwide.


● Photo Print Stations. Guests print the photos they want during an event or program! Ideal for a multi-day incentive program.

● On-site printing on the fastest lab-quality printers. Instant gratification!

● Customized "Green Screen" imaging highlighting your company and your brands.

● Interaction, engagement and a fun non-stop element during any event or party.

● The ultimate trade show give-a-way. It’s so much better than another ball point pen!

● Celebrity Appearance Photo Op - What could be better than a personal photo of your guests to take with them?

● Incentive Travel - We capture the entire program and guests go home with countless great photos. The photos are also on-line for guests to enjoy after the program, too.

● Award Ceremonies - Your award winners’ special moment is captured and printed.

● Head Shots for Companies

● School Class and Individual Student Photos (local area only)

● Web hosting for your photos on this site at NO cost.

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